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Wall Plate With Vga 15-pin Jack And 1-8” Stereo Audio Jack

Wall Plate With Vga 15-pin Jack And 1-8” Stereo Audio Jack

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Wall plate with vga 15-pin female jack and 1/8 inch stereo audio jack (gold-plated) given an unlimited budget and a desire to connect a computer to an hdtv or home theater system, you could just run out to your nearby computer specialty store or big box outlet (or you could blow the money online, of course) to purchase the very latest in video, audio and computer gear.It would certainly be nice.It’s more likely, though, that your budget isn’t unlimited; in that case, you have to work with what you’ve already got at home, whether it’s fairly new equipment or a bit dated.So there’s a good possibility that not all of your equipment has digital inputs and outputs to accommodate hdmi or dvi cables, which would be the “best” option for sending audio and video from your computer to a television or monitor (or vice versa).In that case, you’ll be relying on older but still very useful standards, the vga video and analog audio people have used for decades - which still can deliver strong frame rates and resolution for video and good-quality audio.Just one more thing, though: do you really want to run two long vga cables and two long audio cables across the floor whenever you want to send your computer output to your tv, or your home theater’s video and audio signals to your computer? we didn’t think so.If you plan on sending picture and sound back and forth between the two setups, it only makes sense to run permanent cables in your walls and then just plug into them whenever necessary.And cmple makes it simple to do that, with our attractive combination vga/audio wall plate.This convenient plate has two female jacks: a standard 15-pin vga female connector for your video, and a standard stereo audio mini plug jack (1/8 inch/3.5 mm).You just run your video and audio cables through the wall, attach them to the back of the plate, attach your plate to the wall and you’re able to plug and unplug the connections at will.Or leave the computer and television plugged into the wall plate permanently, and have your computer and television connected to each other without ever having to think about it again.Our cmple wall plate is designed to provide high-quality connections for your audio and video signals, with expertly-designed jacks which are gold-plated for low-noise, low-interference and corrosion prevention, and a lovely white plate which even comes with color-matching mounting screws so you can match the wall’s look.It’s a quick and easy solution which will give the entire room a professional appearance.Specifications of the cmple wall plate with vga 15-pin female jack and 1/8 inch stereo audio jack: allows quick and easy vga and mini plug stereo jack wall plate connections ideal for wall mounted flat panel tvs and lcd/plasma hdtvs includes color matching mounting screws 15-pin vga female jack, 1/8 inch (3.55 mm) mini plug stereo audio jack color: white gold-plated connectors messing around with cables is always a pain.Messing around with several cables at once, particularly over long runs, is an even bigger pain.An in-wall cable terminating in these cmple wall plates is more sensible solution than buying a bottle of ibuprofen - and a lot cheaper, too.
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