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Usb 3.0 A Male To A Female Extension Cable Gold-plated - 3 Feet

Usb 3.0 A Male To A Female Extension Cable Gold-plated - 3 Feet

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Usb 3.0 a male to a female extension cable - gold plated connectors, 3 feet, blue.You’re one of those people who refuse to rely on old technology.Your tv isn’t just high-definition, it’s 1080p or higher.Your audio isn’t just audio, it’s surround sound and possibly even dolby truehd.And your computer components aren’t old-school with usb 1.0 or 2.0 connections, they’re equipped with usb 3.0 - the more recent standard for data transfer which is as much as ten times faster than the usb 2.0 many devices still use.Even though you have a modern hard drive or peripheral complete with usb 3.0, that doesn’t mean you can avoid the problem which plagues even the technologically-deprived: how do you hook up equipment that’s more than four or five feet away? you do it with an extension cable, of course.But who has usb extensions just sitting around the house? you probably don’t even have male to female usb 1.0 or 2.0 cables in your collection, and chances are even slimmer that you have an extension for your usb 3.0 external device.And that’s where we come in.Our cmple usb 3.0 a male to a female extension cable is designed to deliver ultimate performance when you have modern equipment delivering data at extremely fast rates.It’s not just a usb 2.0 extension with different connectors - it’s an entirely different product created to be specifically compliant with usb 3.0 specifications.(one important note: this cable is not compatible with usb 3.1 devices, although it is backward-compatible with usb 2.0 and usb 1.1 transmissions.) the impedance matched twisted pair construction of our usb 3.0 extension cable guarantees that the high-quality signal originating at the source will be delivered at equally high quality at the destination, without data loss caused by cross talk or other types of interference.Gold-plated connectors at both ends of the extension ensure that signal noise won’t degrade the quality of data transfer, and will guard against the corrosion often seen in non-plated connectors.And the cable is designed to effortlessly handle transfer rates up to 5 gbps, ten times the normal 500-550 gbps maximum transfer of lesser usb 2.0 technology.The 3-foot length of the cmple usb 3.0 extension cable isn’t mind-blowing.But it’s just enough to extend the reach of the cable attached to nearly any outboard hard drive or peripheral situated on your computer desk or nearby.It’s the answer to the question we all face when trying to connect devices: “how in the world am i going to plug this in?” this cable is available in several length as well.1.5 feet, 3 feet, 6 feet looking at the specifications of the cmple 3-foot usb 3.0 a male to a female extension cable: usb 3.0 a male to a female extension cable compatible with usb 3.0/2.0/1.1 uses usb 3.0 superspeed technology to support transfer rates up to 5 gbps, ten times faster than usb 2.0 technology impedance matched twisted-pair construction minimizes cross talk and interference for error-free transmission gold-plated connectors length: 3 feet color: blue usb 3.0 dramatically improved the effective transfer of data between computers and peripherals.But drastically-higher transfer rates don’t mean a thing if your cables won’t reach.Our usb 3.0 male to female extension cables may be just what you need to take advantage of the advanced technology sitting on your desk.
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