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S-video & Two Rca Audio Cables Combo, Gold Plated – 75 Feet

S-video & Two Rca Audio Cables Combo, Gold Plated – 75 Feet

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S-video and two rca audio cables combo, gold plated - 75 feet if you’re fortunate enough to have a brand-spanking-new high-definition television, plus the very latest models of all other home theater components like blu-ray players and audio receivers - you can probably move along.Those components are likely connected with hdmi cables, and you probably won’t have a use for the cables we’re discussing here.On the other hand, you probably have at least one older piece of equipment, whether it’s the tv or receiver you haven’t upgraded yet, a dvd player, or even the vcr you still use to watch your old videos of 21 jump street.In that case, you should “jump” at the chance to upgrade the quality of the video and audio signals you’re watching - and it’s simply a matter of changing your cables.This cmple combination of an s-video high-quality video cable and two rca cables for stereo audio signals, bundled together for ease of use, will give your viewing and listening experience an incredible boost for less than 20 bucks.First, let’s talk about the video side of things.S-video produces a far superior picture to the one you get when using a simple rca video composite cable (that’s the cable that connects to the jack marked “video out”), because s-video carries the y and c signals (video and color) separately and doesn’t require encoding and decoding at either end of the cable.And our s-video cable is manufactured with a dual 75-ohm coaxial design which maximizes resolution and color reproduction, with dual shielding to prevent distortion, noise and other interference.On the audio side we use rca cables, but not just any rca cables.These are spiral-wrapped with tinned copper in order to minimize any high frequency or electromagnetic interference to the high-quality sound they deliver.The color-coded (red and white) connectors, like the s-video connectors, are gold-plated to resist corrosion and prevent signal noise at the plug.And also like the s-video cable, they are fully molded and enclosed in strong, flexible pvc jackets.All three cables are bundled together for the ultimate in convenience; just one run of cable will give you all of the video and audio connectors you need for the ultimate in picture and sound quality, along an amazing length of 75 feet.This cable is available in several length as well.3 feet, 6 feet, 12 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet a look at the full specifications of the s-video and two rca audio cables combo: connectors: 4-pin s-video plug and two rca plugs on each end combines s-video and rca cables in a single design gold-plated terminals ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free connections fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief individually double-shielded 75ohm coax with foil and braid shield reduces unwanted noise and distortion high-quality 26awg 90% spiral-wrapped copper-shielded audio wire flexible and durable pvc jacket links dvd players, digital camcorders, satellite systems or any s-video based component to a tv or receiver color-coded connectors: red, white 75 feet a word of warning: many tvs and components come with separate s-video and rca cables already in their boxes, and lots of people use them because the easiest thing to do.In most cases, though, those cables are a low-cost afterthought - providing the quality you’d expect from a low-cost afterthought.The picture and sound you get from those “free” cables doesn’t even come close to what you’ll experience with our cmple cables, which are specifically designed for optimal video and audio delivery, and also a lot more convenient.
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