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Rca Composite Video, Subwoofer S-pdif Cable – Coax 25 Feet

Rca Composite Video, Subwoofer S-pdif Cable – Coax 25 Feet

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Rca composite video, subwoofer or s/pdif patch cable - digital coax, 25 feet quality matters.Of course, you can get away with lesser-quality substitutes for some products.There’s not much difference between brand-name and generic sugar, for example, and a store-brand box of tissues will probably do exactly the same job as a box of kleenex.But when you’re settling in with your favorite movie or cd for a night of complete relaxation and enjoyment after a hard day’s work, you don’t want to watch a crappy picture or listen to substandard audio.You want the best quality you can get - particularly when getting the best quality only requires a one-time expenditure of one dollar.That dollar should be spent on our cmple rca composite video patch cable, which is also perfect for connecting the subwoofer on your audio system or your dvd player/dat machine with an rca or s/pdif (sony/philips digital interface) interface.You won’t find better quality in a composite video cable anywhere.We start with low-loss, 75 ohm rg-59/u coaxial cable, which is what professionals have used for decades for optimal transfer of analog and radio frequency signals.The inner conductors are made from 22 gauge solid copper/ccs (copper-clad steel), surrounded by 32 x 0.12 mm copper and aluminum braid and a 100% aluminum foil shield.It’s the perfect combination to ensure that video or audio signals are faithfully reproduced at their destination; conductors which will prevent signal loss and effective shielding to prevent noise, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference, and distortion.The conductors and shielding are packaged inside strong, resilient black pvc jacketing to maintain the outer integrity of the cable, and the molded male rca connectors are gold-plated to eliminate the possibility of noisy connections and long-term corrosion.Most people will use this cmple cable for its “designed” purpose: as a patch cable to connect a composite video source like a dvd player, dvr, satellite box or video game console to a monitor or television.However, it’s versatile enough to serve in a variety of other functions as well, when signal quality is key.Use it to connect the subwoofer in your home theater for booming bass.Use it to connect your video source to your home computer in order to watch movies or tv shows in high-quality, or to connect the video source to a s/pdif equipped dat (digital audio tape) machine for professional quality recording.You can even use two of these cables for outstanding stereo sound transfer.If you use it - the high quality signal will come.This cable is available in several length as well.3 feet, 6 feet, 12 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet key facts about the cmple six foot rca composite video, subwoofer or s/pdif patch cable: connectors: male rca to male rca molded gold-plated contacts for high performance shielded to prevent noise and distortion yellow connector matches connections on devices 75 ohm low-loss rg-59/u coaxial cable awg22 solid copper/ccs center conductor 100% aluminum foil shield 32 x 0.12mm copper/aluminum braid length: 25 feet color: black your video and audio components cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.Why would you even think twice about spending a buck on the cable which will allow them to perform at the highest level possible? this cmple cable might be the best entertainment investment you’ll ever make.
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