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Ieee-1394 Firewire-ilink Dv 4 Pin Male To Male Cable - 10 Feet Clear

Ieee-1394 Firewire-ilink Dv 4 Pin Male To Male Cable - 10 Feet Clear

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Ieee-1394 firewire ilink dv cable 4 pin male to 4 pin male - 10 feet, clear during the first decade of the 21st century, ieee-1394a serial connections (popularly known as firewire and also by the brand names ilink and lynx) were the industry standard, able to transfer data at a then-impressive 400 mbps.One of the interesting developments while the standard was widely used was that most firewire connectors had six pins (with two of them used to deliver power), while sony’s ilink had just 4 pins on a smaller connector, which didn’t deliver power but was more easily accommodated on small devices like handycams.Apple computers were routinely outfitted with firewire until the early 2010s, and videocameras were extremely likely to have the smaller ilink 4-pin ports.Ok, enough history.Fast forward to today; ieee-1394 has been replaced by faster and more robust serial bus technology like usb 3.0 and thunderbolt on new computers and devices.So, what happened to the older machines with firewire or ilink? you probably know the answer: millions of us still own them and use them.So millions of us need ways to connect the devices in order to transfer video files or other data.There aren’t many places you can still find 4-pin male to male firewire cables, since the big chains focus mainly on newer products.Thankfully, you always have cmple.We have high-quality ilink/firewire cables which can replace the lost or broken 4-pin firewire 400 cables you had used for years before they finally gave way or disappeared.(one important note: these cables won’t work with the second-generation, faster firewire 800 ports which have 9-pins and were the newer standard on many machines and devices late in the decade.) our firewire/ilink 4-pin cables are carefully built to provide optimal delivery of data, and particularly dv video signals, from end to end.On the outside, there’s a high-quality clear and flexible jacket.What it’s protecting on the inside, though, is the key to ultimate performance: cable constructed from twisted-pairs specifically designed to reduce interference and crosstalk issues, with the triple-shielding surrounding the wires adding three more levels of protection against signal degradation or data loss.One other important fact: these cables are plug-and-play and hot swap compatible.That means you can plug and unplug them when your computer and devices are on, and they won’t shut down when you swap out a cable - they’ll just keep working and connect immediately to each other without losing a beat.This cable is available in two colors and several length as well.3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet black, clear taking a look at the specifications of the cmple ieee-1394 firewire ilink dv 4 pin male to 4 pin male cable: twisted pair construction and triple shielding, to reduce crosstalk and maximize speed rated up to 400 mbps (limited by device/port speed) molded construction connectors: two 4-pin ieee-1394 male, one at each end plug-and-play hot swap compatible length: 10 feet color: clear as time goes on these cables will become harder and harder to find.Since they’re less than two bucks apiece it makes sense to pick up a few right now, so you’ll have one for that moment when you simply have to transfer data via firewire - and discover that your existing cable is broken.
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