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Firewire 800 Beta 9 Pin To 9 Pin Male To Male Cable 6 Feet Black

Firewire 800 Beta 9 Pin To 9 Pin Male To Male Cable 6 Feet Black

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Firewire 800 beta 9 pin to 9 pin cable - 6 feet, black apple, as well as other computer and equipment manufacturers whose devices connect via serial port, have largely abandoned firewire as a standard for data transmission.We single out apple because macbook pros and other apple products relied exclusively on ieee-1394 technology (commonly referred to as firewire) many years after usb became the new industry standard; apple only made the switch to usb and then thunderbolt around 2012.Only a few diehard producers relying on firewire are left, primarily for high-end equipment.Just because manufacturers gave up on the technology, though, the millions of people who own older macs, pcs, video cameras, external hard drives and other equipment with firewire ports aren’t going to throw their electronics into the trash and go running to buy replacements.It would be wonderful if we all had the money to switch out our computers and peripherals every time the industry changes its standards.Most of us don’t.It’s an even tougher pill to swallow for the folks who upgraded from firewire 400 to firewire 800 when it came out.They figured that the doubling of data transfer speed that came along with the new ieee-1394b firewire standard would serve them for a long time to come.And they were right; unless they need the newer, lightning-fast capabilities of usb 3.0 or thunderbolt, firewire 800 is still just fine - as long as they have the right cables.Guess what we have to offer? aw - you guessed.The cmple firewire 800 beta cable is designed to ensure that all of your ieee-1394b equipped devices work at top efficiency for many years to come.It has the male “beta” 9-pin connectors used by firewire 800 on each end, is hot swap compatible and supports plug-and-play, so you can just plug this cable into the firewire 800 ports on your equipment and you’re ready to roll.Our expert designers use high-end twisted pairs and triple sheathing to construct our firewire cables, so you won’t have any issues with interference or crosstalk.All of your data transfer will be completed with optimal quality and at optimal speed, since this firewire 800 cable is rated for throughput as high as 800 mbps, depending on the speed of your devices and ports.The integrity of the cable is protected by fully-molded construction and strong yet flexible pvc jacketing, meaning it should last as long as you expected your firewire equipped computer and devices to last when you bought them.This cable is available in two colors and several length as well.3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet black, clear a look at the key specs for the cmple firewire 800 beta 9 pin to 9 pin cable: twisted pair construction and triple shielding, to reduce crosstalk and maximize speed rated up to 800 mbps (limited by device/port speed) meets all firewire 800 and ieee-1394b specifications molded construction connectors: two 9-pin ieee-1394b male, one at each end plug-and-play hot swap compatible length: 6 feet color: black there’s absolutely no reason to give up on equipment which is performing well for you, even if the manufacturers have given up on it.You simply need to be sure you have the cables which will let that equipment perform at its best.Cmple has those cables for your firewire 800 computer and devices, and they’re incredibly inexpensive.
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