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Dvi-d Dual Link Extension Cable M-f – Gold Plated 6 Feet

Dvi-d Dual Link Extension Cable M-f – Gold Plated 6 Feet

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Dvi-d dual link extension cable male/female, gold plated - 6 feet it doesn’t matter whether you’re stringing christmas lights or connecting a home appliance, there’s little in life that’s more frustrating than being on a ladder or stuck behind a cabinet and needing just “one more” extension cord.We do know one thing that’s more frustrating, though: hooking up equipment which needs a specialized cable, and discovering that the specialized cable you have is just a bit too short.The extra frustration stems from the fact that you usually can’t just reach into a drawer or run into the garage for an extension cable, the way you can for another ac power cord.For that reason, even if you don’t need our cmple dvi-d dual link extension cable right this minute - you still need one.Dvi-d cables (the funny-looking ones used to connect your computer or high-definition television to your computer’s flat screen monitor) are becoming required accessories for the modern home or office.And trust us, the day will come when the dvi cable you’ve got just isn’t quite long enough, especially when you decide to connect your hdtv to your computer across the room so you can watch a movie.Here’s an important tip, though: dvi-d cables and dvi dual link cables aren’t the same.Dual link cables are much more versatile because they’re able to handle video at higher resolutions and more bandwidth, but they also have more pins than regular dvi-d cables.Most modern tvs, computers and monitors will accommodate dual link dvi, but be sure you’re getting the right cable.Having said that, this cmple product is the “right cable” when you need a dvi-d dual link extension.It’s engineered for the ultimate in signal delivery, completely compliant with the latest dvi standards, triple shielded and built with ferrite cores to prevent signal loss and interference.The 24-pin connectors (one male, one female) are also gold-plated to eliminate excess signal noise and prevent corrosion.The cable is designed for the performance you need with today’s video signals: it’s capable of supporting 1080p high-def at resolutions as high as 2048 x 1536, with a maximum throughput of nearly 10 gbps.It also supports hot plugging of your dvi display devices.This cable is available in several length as well.6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet checking out the details of the cmple dvi-d dual link male/female extension cable: connectors: dvi-d dual link 24-pin male to dvi-d dual link 24-pin female shielded undermold protects against unwanted emi/rfi interference gold-plated contacts provide full conductivity with no data loss supports hot plugging of dvi display devices pc and mac compatible compatible with flat panel displays, digital crt displays, projectors, and hdtv length: 6 feet shielding level: triple shielding type: emi ferrite cores: yes 1080p support: yes maximum resolution: 2048 x 1536 minimum clock frequency: 21.76 mhz maximum clock frequency: 165 mhz x 2 max thoroughput: 9.9 gbps pixels per cycle: 2 bits per pixel: 24 ddwg compliant: yes hdcp compliant: yes rohs compliant: yes ul certified: yes everyone needs extension cords around the house.Everyone needs cable extensions as well - they just realize it when it’s too late.Don’t wait for frustration to set in; for only a few bucks you can have one of these dvi-d dual link extensions ready whenever you need it.
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