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Datacomm 45-0014-la One-gang Low-voltage Cable Plate With Flexible Opening - Lite Almond

Datacomm 45-0014-la One-gang Low-voltage Cable Plate With Flexible Opening - Lite Almond

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Cable plate with flexible opening, one gang - lite almond now this is a cool product.Everyone knows that running cables through the wall is the best way to ensure a professional, impressive home theater setup.But everyone who’s done it knows that you’re sure to run into one of two vexing problems: 1.If you have multiple cables terminating at the same place, how do you neatly bring them through the wall without leaving a huge opening around them? 2.If you somehow manage to cut the hole to exactly the correct size for the cables, what happens when you buy a new component and have new cables to add? that’s why we say (with all modesty) that the cmple cable plate with flexible opening is a cool product.Here’s how it works.The center portion of the standard-sized one-gang plate is constructed from durable but flexible plastic, which opens just enough to allow as many as six low-voltage cables to fit through and then closes around them.You wind up with a beautiful, professional-looking wall plate with the cables looking as if the plate was built to hold them - and no gaps or spaces anywhere.It won’t detract from the look of your room and there’s no way that cold or hot air (or, although we hate to even mention it, unwelcome little crawly friends) can get through.The plate even has mounting wings molded into its construction, for easy and secure attachment to the back of the drywall.You don’t need mounting plates, o-rings, gaskets or any other parts; they cable plate is simple to install with just two screws.These plates are light almond in color, but we also sell them in black, ivory and white.They have a low profile design, so they’ll fit on any wall without standing out and can fit behind virtually any hdtvs or tv mounts easily.Whether you’re feeding a number of low-voltage inputs from components located throughout the room, or feeding speaker cables out from your audio amplifier to speakers in all corners of the space, this plate lets you run cables through the wall and take care of the “messy cable” issue in an elegant way.Checking out the important specifications of the cmple one-gang cable plate with flexible opening: low-profile design fits behind the industry’s thinnest mounts and tv's conceals multiple low-voltage cables behind your flat panel tv: one gang plate, holds up to six cables color: lite almond quick and easy installation, no additional parts necessary mounting wings molded into the plate and fasten tightly against the back of the drywall center portion of cable plate made of flexible plastic allowing multiple cables to pass through the plate no low voltage mounting plate or o-ring required it’s unlikely that anyone will even notice your cmple flexible opening cable plates since they’re designed to blend into their surroundings.If someone does notice, though, they’ll probably tell you that they’ve never seen anything like them before - and that they’re very cool.Remember who told you that first.
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