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Cmple - Usb 2.0 Cable A To Mini B 5 Pin Male High Speed Usb Charger Data Cord Gold-plated - 6 Feet Black

Cmple - Usb 2.0 Cable A To Mini B 5 Pin Male High Speed Usb Charger Data Cord Gold-plated - 6 Feet Black

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Usb 2.0 a male to mini b male 5-pin gold plated cable - 6 feet, black more and more handheld devices are coming equipped with the latest version of usb connectors, the micro b 5-pin connector.However, older phones and many newer devices like mp3 players and pdas still use the type of jack which was standard on cellphones and tablets for quite some time, the usb mini b 5 pin, first introduced all the way back in 2000.That means there’s still a big need for cables which can connect those devices to a computer to download or synchronize data.And since we’re in the business of satisfying big needs for cables… …here is our 6-foot cmple usb 2.0 a male to mini b male 5-pin cable.It’s carefully crafted, as are all of our cables, to provide the ultimate in performance while standing up to the rigors of daily use (and occasional misuse).It all starts with a high-quality, flexible pvc jacket and fully-molded strain relief construction, which will sturdily protect the wires inside (unless you decide to take an axe or similar implement to the cable).Once you get under the jacket you’ll find that the cable is fully shielded with layers of both braided copper and aluminum foil and undermold contacts.This combination is the ultimate for protection against radio-frequency interference, electromagnetic interference and cross talk.Even the connectors themselves are top-notch; they’re gold-plated to avoid the extra noise that connections can introduce into a signal.The gold plating serves a second purpose as well, making sure that the connectors don’t corrode over time.This cmple usb 2.0 a to mini b cable will work with either a pc or a mac, since the connector on one end is a standard usb 2.0 plug.If you have an older computer, that’s not a problem either since the cable is backward compatible to work with original usb 1.0 and 1.1 standards.The other end of this 6-foot cable plugs right into any of your devices with a usb mini b jack: you can import music files (or listen to them) from your mp3 player, you can transfer important files or sync your pda with your computer, you can import video from camcorders equipped with usb mini b jacks, transfer a photo collection from an older phone to your hard drive for posterity - and that’s only a partial list.This cable is available in two colors and several length as well.1.5 feet, 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet black, white looking at the specifications of the cmple usb 2.0 a male to mini b male 5-pin gold plated cable: high-speed usb 2.0 cable, up to 480 mbps 100% compliance with current usb specifications connectors: one a male and one mini b male 5-pin molded-strain relief construction for flexible movement, durability, and fit gold-plated connectors flexible pvc jacket for maximum strength and usability compatible with some smartphones, pdas, mp3 players, cameras and camcorders cable length: 6 feet color: black admittedly, newer usb micro b 5-pin connectors are more durable and perform better than the older mini b connector.However, you don’t get to choose what kind of jack is on your phone, device, camera or player - you only get to work with what’s there.If a mini b connector is there, this cmple usb 2.0 a to mini b cable will get the job done perfectly for less than a dollar.That sounds like satisfying a cable need to us.
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