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Cmple - High Speed Usb To Usb Extension Cable - Flexible Extender Cord - A Male To A Female Adapter Cable - Usb 2.0 Extension Cable - 6 Feet Black

Cmple - High Speed Usb To Usb Extension Cable - Flexible Extender Cord - A Male To A Female Adapter Cable - Usb 2.0 Extension Cable - 6 Feet Black

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Extends your usb connection to your computer.Ideally for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other usb computer peripherals.Convenient way to extend a pre-existing cable when it's just not quite long enough performance: 480 mbps data transfer speed and backwards compatibility with error-free technology.Compatibility: pc and mac compatible.Backward compatible with usb 1.0, 1.1.Does not support connecting two computers directly warranty: our cables comes with lifetime warranty.Package include: usb 2.0 extension cable (a male to a female) - 6 feet, black usb 2.0 a male to a female extension cable - 6 feet, black have you spent way too much time on the floor? we mean on the floor behind your computer or peripheral, possibly with a flashlight, trying to plug in usb cables (or any other type of connectors) or operate devices once they’ve bene connected.It’s a way too common position to find yourself in, and it occurs in large part because most usb cables are so short.You often have to position a peripheral or other device right next to your machine just to make the necessary connections.We know that you understand what we’re talking about: for example, being forced to put your digital camera or mp3 player on the floor behind your computer so the usb cable will reach, and then having to lie on the floor in order to bring up a photo on the camera or find the right song on a playlist.It’s at times like those that we all think: “i wish they made extension cords for this.” well, they do.Or more accurately, we do.Our cmple usb 2.0 a male to a female extension cable was made exactly for the reasons we’ve just discussed.It allows you to easily plug any peripheral or outside equipment into your computer via usb, while positioning the peripheral anywhere that’s convenient.It even allows you to leave this cable permanently attached to your machine, so you can just plug and unplug anything into it without having to get on your knees or back behind the computer.This male to female extension is just what you’d expect from cmple: top performance and exceptional quality throughout.It’s constructed from high-grade shielded cable with a strong pvc jacket and molded connectors on both ends, so you get optimal signal transfer without degradation from interference (em or rfi) or loss of data speed.It’s fully compliant with usb 2.0 standards, which also means that it’s backward compatible to usb 1.0 and 1.1; you can use it for all of your usb devices, not just the ones using 2.0.This cable is available in two colors and several length as well.3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet black, white taking a deeper look at the specs for the cmple usb 2.0 a male to a female 6-foot extension cable: usb 2.0 compliant, backward compatible with usb 1.0 and 1.1 standards length: 6 feet connectors: usb a male to a female, molded on both ends supports high speed data transmission to 480 mbps rohs compliant color: black wouldn’t it be nice to put your printer or portable hard drive where you want it, and not where it has to go because of the length of its usb cable? wouldn’t it be terrific to connect your ipod or camera to your computer, and then sit the camera or player right next to you on your desk so you could operate everything comfortably and conveniently? wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time on the floor? the cmple male to female usb 2.0 extension cable can make all of your dreams (well, at least these dreams) come true.
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