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Cmple Hdmi Wall Plate Dual-port White Wall Plate 4” Rear Extension Cable, 2-port Hdmi Insert (4k Uhd, Arc, And Ethernet Pass-thru Support)

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Hdmi wall plate with 4-inch extension cables - dual port they may have baffled you at first, but now you can’t avoid them because they’ve become ubiquitous - hdmi connectors.They’re not only on your hdtv, but on your cable or satellite box, audio/video receiver or control box, dvr and blu-ray player.And a growing number of gaming consoles, laptops and multimedia computers, camcorders and digital cameras and even some larger handheld devices now sport an extremely powerful hdmi connection.Hdmi isn’t like the dvi standard used to connect your desktop and monitor but probably nothing else in your home; hdmi is nearly universal and its importance in the electronics world will continue to grow.That brings us to the subject of connecting components and devices via hdmi cables.When it was only your cable box and high-definition television which required an hdmi connection, you obviously just bought a cable for it (hopefully a cmple cable and not one of those overpriced “monstrosities” from the “giant cable company”) and plugged it in.But you’re now likely to have a number of components all requiring hdmi cable connections, all over your home theater or living space.Here’s a question: you need ac power all over your home theater and living space, too.Do you run a ton of extension cords throughout the room so you can plug everything in? of course not - you have unobtrusive ac wall outlets wherever you’ll need power.So why wouldn’t you install hdmi wall plates around your home theater so you can connect whatever components you need and be able to move them wherever you please? our cmple dual port hdmi wall plates will make your installation fully functional.A few of these, placed strategically, will give all of you the hdmi connections your home theater might require.Each plate has two hdmi 3.1 female connectors in front, with matching female connectors attached to four-inch coupler cables in the back so you never have to solder or attach wires; just run the cables through your wall, plug them into the back of the plate, and then mount the plate into the wall by means of a standard junction box or plaster ring.The plates are white, but they’re compatible with other leviton decora plates so you can change things out to match the look of your room.Once you have hdmi connectors available wherever you might need them, you can make whatever changes to your equipment that you’d like and always have a jack nearby.And since hdmi is backward compatible, these units will work just as well with some of your older equipment as they will with the brand-new 4k lcd high-def television you’ve just spent several weeks’ salary to buy.Major specifications of the cmple hdmi dual port wall plate with 4-inch extension cables: hdmi 1.3, backward compatible hdmi dual port connections front and back, with four-inch extension cables in back single-gang wall plate fits into standard single-gang junction box or plaster ring attractive leviton decora wall plate color: white in years to come, these wall-mounted hdmi connector plates will look just as “normal” in a room as ac outlets do.And since our cmple high-quality dual port wall plates cost less than ten bucks each, it’s a good time to get ahead of the curve and get those ugly hdmi cables off of your floor.
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