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Cmple - Cat5e Gigabit Ethernet Cable Network Bulk Unshielded Twisted Pair (utp), Solid 24awg Cmr 350 Mhz, 1000 Feet Blue - cordstogo

Cmple - Cat5e Gigabit Ethernet Cable Network Bulk Unshielded Twisted Pair (utp), Solid 24awg Cmr 350 Mhz, 1000 Feet Blue

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Cat5e 350 mhz bulk ethernet lan network cable - 1000 feet, blue no matter what you’re buying, it’s always important to consider the question of price vs.Specifications.If you only use your car for routine travel around the neighborhood, you don’t need a maserati which can do more than 200 miles per hour and costs more than $100,000; a hyundai can fit the bill for a lot less money.Similarly, if you’re running straightforward ethernet, audio or video cabling which doesn’t need to make a lot of sharp bends along the way, you may not want to lay out extra money for solid copper cabling; copper-clad aluminum cable will do just fine.That’s why cmple’s bulk ethernet cable is the ideal choice for many applications.This cat5e cabling uses copper-clad 24 gauge aluminum wires for the four unshielded twisted pairs, rather than the more expensive solid copper found in other versions of cat5e cables.That allows you to save 50% or more while still getting high-quality cable able to perform to virtually the same standards as higher-priced solid copper; the big difference is that aluminum is more brittle than copper, so you don’t want to bend or flex it too much during installation.The jacketing is made from durable pvc (polyvinyl chloride).As for performance, you get the same bandwidth and speed capacity you’d find with any category 5e cable: the cable can provide as much as 350 mhz of bandwidth, and is a good choice for data networks handling transfer rates as high as one gig.Transmission quality is ideal for high-speed wan and lan networks or a/v signals, as the extra twists inherent in cat5e cabling dramatically inhibit crosstalk issues and other interference problems in electrically noisy environments while protecting the integrity of data.Cmple bulk ethernet cable is a particularly good choice for indoor home networking.When you’re running a lot of cable, pulling and measuring can be a real pain.That’s where the “small” details can be important ones.This cat5e cmple cable comes as a 1000-foot long cable in what appears to be a simple pull-through box, but the box structure keeps the cable straight and easy to play out.And with the cable marked every foot, it’s a snap to measure out exactly the right amount of cabling that you need for each run.You can also measure off specific lengths which can be used as patch cables just by attaching rj-45 connectors to each end.The important specifications for the cmple cat5e bulk ethernet cable: for connecting between ethernet and network devices cca - copper clad aluminum (cca) can be used to make smaller cat5e cables comes in an easy pull box meets or exceeds cat5e specifications 4 pair solid twisted wires 24awg length: 1000ft (305m) 350mhz speed foot-marked cable color: blue every type of cabling has its own ideal purpose.The cmple bulk cat5e cable is ideal for “straight shot” ethernet lan installations, home networking, and conveyance of high-quality audio and video signals.When you figure in the lower cost (compared to solid copper cabling), it’s a real bargain.
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