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Cmple - 2 Conductor 14awg Speaker Wire For Home Theater System, Amplifier, Car Audio Speaker Cable - 100 Feet, Clear

Cmple - 2 Conductor 14awg Speaker Wire For Home Theater System, Amplifier, Car Audio Speaker Cable - 100 Feet, Clear

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14awg clear jacket loud speaker wire cable - 100 feet not everyone wants to hide all of the wiring in their homes.Beautiful cables designed to show off the high-quality of their construction can contribute a modern, high-tech look to a sophisticated living space.That’s particularly true in a sleek home theater, and cmple’s 14awg clear jacket loud speaker cable can contribute to the distinctive appearance of your high-end (and expensive) home viewing or listening area.We don’t want to give short shrift to the incredible sound reproduction that this high-purity copper cable makes possible.But it’s hard to ignore the beauty of this cabling, with its clear jacket encasing sharp-looking twisted copper conductors.Anyone who sees it will know that you’ll only settle for the very best in electronics.Ok, let’s talk about performance.The cmple clear jacket loud speaker wire cable has been designed to satisfy the pickiest audiophile with near-perfect signal transfer, and an extended dynamic range which does full justice to the highs but pays special attention to the low end.That means it delivers uncannily “real” audio with concert hall, stadium or real-life quality: sharp, bold and as loud as you want it.This cable brings out the very best in your speakers and high-level home theater or audio components.The two 14-gauge conductors inside the cable are perfect for long runs and certainly ideal at the 100-foot length of this spool.They are clearly marked with stripes on each conductor, so it’s a foolproof process to match polarities when hooking up your speakers.They terminate in bare leads but are just right for banana plugs or any other connectors you may wish to use.And the clear jacket is made from strong polyvinyl chloride (pvc) so it will stand up to any bending or twisting that’s necessary when running the cable from source to speakers.Very often, people pay an enormous amount of attention to the components and speakers going into their theater or home audio systems, poring over the specs and making sure they’re getting the very finest equipment they can afford.Then, they hook it all up with cheap zip cord figuring that it doesn’t really matter what type of speaker wires they use, it’s all in the components and speakers.That couldn’t be further from the truth.The finest audio receiver will produce virtually the same sound as the el cheapo unit you can pick up at a big box store for $1100 - if the audio output doesn’t make it all the way to the speakers without degradation and signal loss.Spending a few extra bucks for cable that can faithfully deliver a high-quality signal to the speakers can be the difference between hooking an ipod up to a cheap speaker, and a breathtaking audio experience.This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.50 feet, 100 feet, 300 feet 12 awg, 14 awg, 16 awg key details of the cmple 14awg clear jacket loud speaker wire cable: conduit: high purity gauge: 14awg length: 100 feet pvc color: clear designed & constructed for improved signal transfer & dynamic range polarity markers: clear packaging: rolled on spool with pe wrap there’s no sense in using cheap, ugly wires to hook up the components of a quality audio or home theater system, especially when cmple’s 14awg clear jacket speaker cable is so affordable - and so beautiful.
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