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Cmple - 2 Conductor 12awg Speaker Wire For Home Theater System, Amplifier, Car Audio Speaker Cable - 50 Feet, Clear

Cmple - 2 Conductor 12awg Speaker Wire For Home Theater System, Amplifier, Car Audio Speaker Cable - 50 Feet, Clear

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12awg clear jacket loud speaker wire cable - 50 feet you’ve splurged on a top-of-the-line, beautiful new home theater or audio system.You’ve spared no expense on the components because you want the highest-quality sound possible when you’re settling in to enjoy your dvds, blu-ray movies or priceless vinyl.Why settle for less than the very best when it comes to the cables connecting your system to your speakers? cmple’s 12awg clear jacket speaker wire cable has been specifically created for the high-end fidelity that audiophiles crave.This high-purity copper cabling has been designed to ensure virtually no signal loss; the digital transmission quality is unparalleled.It is also creates an unmatched listening experience by capturing the full dynamic range of the source audio and emphasizing low end performance, giving you tight, deep bass without sacrificing clean highs.The end result is clear, loud and bold sound which will transport you directly into the concert hall, arena or studio where the music or audio was recorded.There are two wound conductors in this cmple speaker cable, each clearly marked with stripes to allow you to match polarities.The clear pvc (polyvinyl chloride) jacket provides strong protection for the integrity of the conductors, yet is flexible enough to bend or twist around curves on a long run.And the modern appearance of the cable, thanks to the shiny copper conductors and clear jacket, perfectly matches the look of a sophisticated audio or home theater installation.The 12awg speaker wire is just what you need for long 50-foot runs when heavier gauge cables could be problematic, particularly if you’re using four ohm speakers.The cable, of course, works perfectly with eight ohm speaker setups, and is great for either bare-wire use, banana plugs or any other type of speaker plugs.Even on a full 100-foot run, our cmple clear jacket cable delivers perfect audio fidelity from your source to your speakers without signal loss or degradation.That’s a claim that companies often make, but this cmple cabling actually delivers because of the care we’ve taken in ensuring outstanding signal transfer throughout the entire length of the wires.We’ve also paid special attention to the spool that the 50 feet of cable comes on.The spool is designed to prevent kinking and knotting, so if you only use a portion of the cabling, the rest is easily usable without having to unknot a mess of compromised cable.The spool is pe wrapped for protection.This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.50 feet, 100 feet, 300 feet 12 awg, 14 awg, 16 awg looking at the important specifications of the cmple 50 foot spool of 12awg clear jacket loud speaker wire cable: conduit: high purity gauge: 12awg length: 50 feet pvc color: clear designed and constructed for improved signal transfer and dynamic range polarity markers: clear, striped packaging: rolled on spool with pe wrap this clear jacket cmple speaker cable is light years ahead of the cheap zip cord people often use (for some unfathomable reason) to connect high-end speakers and audio components, delivering far superior audio quality.And it’s much more reasonably priced than those high priced “audiophile cables” which usually command top dollar because of their brand name and not their actual performance - particularly since this cmple cable outperforms most of them.
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