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Cmple - 100ft 16awg Speaker Wire Cable With 4 Conductor Speaker Cable (cca) Copper Clad Aluminum Cl2 Rated In-wall Speaker Wire For Home Theater & Car Audio - 100 Feet, White

Cmple - 100ft 16awg Speaker Wire Cable With 4 Conductor Speaker Cable (cca) Copper Clad Aluminum Cl2 Rated In-wall Speaker Wire For Home Theater & Car Audio - 100 Feet, White

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16awg cl2 rated four-conductor loud speaker cable - 100 feet (for in-wall installation) spending the money necessary to build a beautiful, modern home theater or audio system often doesn’t leave a lot left for the “extras.” we don’t really believe that speaker cable should be considered as just an extra, but most people don’t worry about the cabling until after they’ve bought all of the components and necessary furniture.So they may not have much left in the budget for the wires which will actually let them hear the audio they’ve bought.When every dollar counts, there’s no need to settle for inferior speaker cable.Runs of 50 or 100 feet certainly don’t require the more expensive 12-gauge conductors some experts recommend; for those lengths of cabling, 16-gauge conductors will deliver exactly the same high-fidelity sound - as long as the cable has been constructed with the type of attention to detail that we put into the design of all of our cmple products.Our four-conductor loud speaker cable is carefully created to deliver amazing sound reproduction.From its ability to reproduce audio on a wide frequency range, to the nearly lossless signal it delivers from one end to the other, this cmple 16awg speaker cable ensures eye-opening highs and lows in crisp and clear audio.The white, yellow, black and red inner jackets let you easily match polarities when making connections, and the top-quality pvc outer jacket is strong enough to withstand whatever bends or twists the cable has to make in order to reach your speakers.This cable is fully cl2 rated.That means it is fire-retardant and flame-resistant so it can safely be run in your ceilings or walls in accordance with most local building codes.You don’t have to hide it if you don’t want, though, because the white outer jacket will blend in with your baseboards or walls.Four-conductor speaker cable can be a terrific investment.As you know, only two wires are needed to connect to each speaker.But if there are four conductors in the cabling, there are two spares available to be utilized if one or both of the initial wires happen to break; you’re not faced with running entirely new cable runs because of a broken wire.Four-conductor cable is also a great way to connect two speakers with just one cable run, since you can use two of the wires for the first speaker, and then just keep running the cabling to the second speaker where the other two wires will be hooked up.You also need all four conductors if the cable is being used to connect a remote control on the wall.This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.100 feet, 250 feet 12 awg, 14 awg, 16 awg taking a closer look at the cmple 16awg cl2 rated four-conductor loud speaker cable: conduit: copper-clad aluminum (cca) gauge: 16awg length: 100 feet (30.5 meters) strand size: 0.254mm strand count: 27 wires conductor count: 4 outer diameter: 7.0mm twist type: multi-twist, rope lay outer jacket color: white wound on a well-constructed spool which prevents kinks or bird’s nests, this 100-foot cmple 4-conductor 16awg cable is designed to provide optimal audio performance at an easy to handle price.We challenge you to find better signal delivery on a more expensive 12 awg loud speaker cable - because we know you won’t be able to.
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