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Cat5e Outdoor Bulk Ethernet Lan Network Cable 350mhz Bare Copper – 1000 Feet Black - cordstogo

Cat5e Outdoor Bulk Ethernet Lan Network Cable 350mhz Bare Copper – 1000 Feet Black

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Cat5e outdoor bulk ethernet lan network cable, 350mhz bare copper - 1000 feet, black if you’ve ever run network cable outdoors, you’ve either already run into a problem - or will face one down the road.“normal” cable that’s used for ethernet lans, a/v installations, phone networks or other data transmission functions isn’t designed to withstand the types of stress that weather puts on cabling.Eventually, “normal” cable will either degrade or completely disintegrate due to the effects of snow, rain and the rays of the sun.The answer for outdoor installation is cabling that’s designed for the purpose: cmple’s outdoor cat5e bulk ethernet cable.It’s state-of-the-art cabling with enough bandwidth and speed to satisfy almost any need; it can handle up to 350 mhz of bandwidth use with speeds more than sufficient for gigabit networks.And there’s enhanced data security provided by extra twists in the twisted pairs which make up the cable, minimizing cross-talk and other electrical interference.You’ve seen other, similar-sounding cat5e cables for sale - so what makes this one so different? in a nutshell, this cmple offering comes in a protective, uv-resistant and waterproof triple sheath which insulates the inner twisted cable pairs (the ones carrying the data) from anything mother nature can throw at them.It all starts with polyethylene terephthalate (pet) film wrapped around the twisted pairs; pet is a sturdy material valued for its ability to insulate and protect, and in these cables it’s used to prevent oxygen, carbon dioxide and water from getting inside.On top of that is a layer of pvc (polyvinyl chloride), a synthetic plastic common used for durable insulation, and then a low-density polyethylene jacket which provides uv protection against sunlight.This high-tech triple layer sheathing allows you to run the cmple bulk outdoor cable just about anywhere you need to bring your network.It’s ideal for above-ground runs, but you can even lay it underground, secure in the knowledge that transmission and conductivity will not be affected.It’s important to note that this bulk cable is made from 24-gauge solid bare copper wires are fairly easy to break if they’re twisted or bent; that means the cable is best-suited to runs where there are no sudden turns or twists needed.What’s particularly noteworthy about bare copper cabling, though, is that it’s a lot less expensive than its solid-copper brethren.As long as you can utilize it for straightforward installations, you’ll save a lot of money and get the same terrific cat5e performance.Here are the basic specs for this cmple bulk cable: connects between ethernet and network devices bare copper wires can be used to make smaller cat5e cables comes in an easy pull box meets or exceeds cat5e specifications 4 pair solid twisted wires 24awg length: 1000ft (305m) 350 mhz bandwidth foot-marked cable color: black the cable comes in an easy-to-use pull-through box and is marked by the foot, so it’s simple to measure out long runs of kink-free cabling.You shouldn’t settle for anything less than cat5e cable when you’re putting in a network or an a/v setup, because today’s required bandwidth and speed can’t be accommodated by older-rated cabling.Cmple cat5e bulk ethernet cable, because of its triple-sheath weatherproof design, allows you to set up your network outdoors without having to worry about replacing or even digging up cable in the future.
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