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30 Awg High Speed Hdmi Cable With Ferrite Cores – 15 Feet

30 Awg High Speed Hdmi Cable With Ferrite Cores – 15 Feet

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30 awg high speed hdmi cable with ferrite cores -15 feet did you ever stand in front of a big display of cables, and wonder if those high prices were really worth paying? usually, the answer is “no - they’re way overpriced.” that’s particularly true for hdmi cables.“monstrous” companies make tons of money selling way-too-expensive cables, when you can get the same (or even better) performance with a high-quality, expertly-designed cable from cmple.Our high-speed hdmi cable with ferrite cores is a perfect example.It’s built for optimal digital video and audio signal delivery with even the most advanced systems and components on the market today, as well as systems still to come.And if your source is relatively close to your hdtv, hd monitor or controller, this 15-foot cable should be exactly what you need.Let’s take a closer look at these cmple cables and you’ll see there’s nothing they can’t do.First, they’re built to handle the hdtv you probably don’t even have yet: a 4k, state-of-the-art system.That means a resolution as high as 4096x2160, which is right around what you see in most movie theaters and much higher than almost any tv currently on the market.There should be no doubt that whatever you currently in your home (or are thinking of buying) is absolutely no issue for this cable.It’s even designed to handle signals for 3d tvs (when and if you ever buy one) with just a single connection.Another important feature of the cmple 30 gauge high-speed hdmi cable is its audio return channel, which allows audio data to be sent both upstream and downstream between hdtvs with built-in tuners, and receivers or surround sound systems.We mentioned that these cables are built for the future as well as the “now,” and one example is that they not only can accommodate normal rgb color and x.V.Color signals, but have native support for three extra color spaces which aren’t used by many applications yet: sycc601 color, adobe ycc601 color, and adobergb color.They promise to deliver the fullest and most vibrant visual experience ever, and these cmple hdmi cables are ready for them.Ok, it’s time to talk about one of the most distinctive features of this cable: the standard ferrite cores.They’re used to reduce high-frequency and electromagnetic “noise” which can interfere with signals being conducted through the hdmi cable; if not eliminated, this type of interference can drastically hurt video or audio quality.The ferrites take care of that problem, whether the interfering signals are from power lines, radio signals or other nearby equipment.Additionally, the cable’s durable pvc shielding adds to its defense against outside interference, while its standard gold-plated connectors work to reduce signal distortion while remaining corrosion-free.This cable is available in several other length as well.1.5 feet, 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet the specs for the cmple 15-foot hdmi cable with ferrite cores: supports high-definition video at resolutions from 480i up to 4k x 2k supports all high-resolution digital audio signals including new standards such as master audio and digital truehd supports video refresh rates as fast as 240hz (or even higher) gold-plated connectors reduce distortion while remaining clean and corrosion-free standard ferrite cores reduce rf and electromagnetic interference native support for new color spaces such as adobergb color and adobe ycc601 color, and supports 3d video backward-compatible with all previous versions of hdmi length: 15 feet color: black when you look at all of the features on that list, you can clearly see that there aren’t any features offered by the “monstrous” cable company that cmple doesn’t meet or beat.The only category in which they outdo cmple’s high-speed hdmi cable with ferrite cores - is price.Their prices are as monstrous as their name; ours are reasonable, and in our biased opinion, a bargain.You shouldn’t pay for a name, you should pay for quality.That’s what these 15-foot, high speed cmple hdmi cables provide.
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