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26 Awg High Speed In-wall Hdmi Cable With Built-in Equalizer - 65 Feet

26 Awg High Speed In-wall Hdmi Cable With Built-in Equalizer - 65 Feet

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High speed hdmi cable with built-in equalizer - in-wall installation, 65 feet many times, long runs of hdmi cable aren’t quite sufficient to properly carry data along the entire length of the cabling.It doesn’t always happen, but there are occasions when signals can degrade or become weaker over lengths greater than 50 feet; the issue can lead to intermittent video or audio problems, and are sometimes as serious as complete loss of picture or sound.The issues usually don’t usually involve the transmission of video or audio signals themselves, but are problems with hdcp signals (used for modern anti-piracy protection) or dcc signals (used to send display information between devices) carried in hdmi cable.There’s an easy solution, and it’s included with this cmple high speed in-wall cable: a built-in equalizer/extender.The unit is attached to the end of the cable which connects to your hdtv, which is the end with the large connector and is marked “sink.” the equalizer/extender uses power in the hdmi bus and is designed to overcome any digital signal degradation which may occur over long cable runs, compensate for any signal loss over the distance, and eliminate all digital noise that may be created (leading to the “sparkles” that are sometimes seen on a screen).This way, your high-definition tv or other device can receive the intended signal perfectly, even if it’s 65 feet away.This 26 gauge, high speed cable itself is pure cmple quality.It is ideal for most modern hdtv resolutions from 440i all the way up to 1080p.It can support all of today’s newer digital audio standards, such as digital true hd from dolby and master audio from dts.Obviously, it’s hdcp compliant since we’ve already mentioned the benefits of the built-in equalizer.And it’s also triple-shielded (in order to prevent radio frequency and electromagnetic interference) with gold-plated connectors (for corrosion-resistant connections), cec compliant (meaning it’s energy-efficient) and rohs compliant (meaning the cable has no lead, mercury, pbbs or other dangerous substances inside).All you have to do is make sure the large connector that’s marked “sink” is plugged into your hdtv.This is a perfect hdmi cable solution for either home theater enthusiasts or professional a/v installers, since it’s high-performing as well as cl2 rated - it’s safe for all in-wall installations and will pass all building and insurance inspections.This cable ships is available in several other length as well.65 feet, 75 feet, 85 feet, 100 feet, 130 feet the specifications for the 65-foot in-wall hdmi cable with built-in equalizer: supports hd digital video at resolutions up to 1080p (maximum performance can vary depending on equipment) supports modern high-res digital audio standards like digital truehd and master audio supports today’s high display refresh rates (240hz or higher) gold-plated connectors ensure clean and corrosion-resistant connections triple-shielded to resist em and rf interference hdcp, rohs and cec compliant cl2 rated for safe in-wall installation length: 65 feet color: black 65 feet is a long way to run a high hdmi cable, whether it’s along the floor or inside a wall.The most efficient way to be sure the signal will make it to its destination without degradation is with an equalizer/extender system, and the one built into the cmple 65-foot hdmi cable takes care of any possible issues effortlessly.Please read: two notes: always test cables for performance before installing them into a wall, and be aware that this cable may not be compatible with all directtv products.
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