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14awg Cl2-rated Four-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable – 250 Feet

14awg Cl2-rated Four-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable – 250 Feet

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14awg cl2 rated four-conductor loud speaker cable - 250 feet for in-wall installation choosing speaker wire for your high-end audio system or home theater can get very confusing.There are so many different lengths and types of cable with different numbers of conductors and different gauges of wire - but most come with the same claim: “this loudspeaker cable will give you the ultimate in sound quality and is exactly what you need.” we could give you the same pitch for our cmple 14awg cl2 rated four-conductor speaker cable, and we’d be telling the truth.However, we’d rather spell out exactly why this cabling is so good, and tell you what it’s best for.Here goes.First of all, this cable has four separate, color-coded conductors inside.Since there are only two terminals on most speakers you might wonder why four conductors are necessary, or if there’s some reason why this type of cable is a better choice.Well, it’s often easiest to run a single length of cabling to accommodate two speakers, and four-conductor cable is how you do it.Two conductors connect to one speaker, and the cable can then continue on to the second speaker where the other two conductors will be attached.Four conductors are also required if you’re running from an audio source to a remote control mounted on a wall.However, this cable often comes in handiest when a speaker wire unexpectedly breaks; rather than running brand-new wires, you can just substitute one of the unused conductors in the cable you’ve already run.It can be a huge time-and-headache saver.Next, there’s trademark cmple quality throughout this 14awg loud speaker cable.The stranded, copper-clad aluminum conductors are designed with multi-twist, rope lay braiding to deliver near-perfect sound reproduction from end to end.There’s no distortion and barely any signal loss whatsoever, and the cables are capable of handing a wide frequency range, allowing the amazing highs and lows of a symphony orchestra or a soaring movie score to fill your home theater.The sound is clean, crisp and clear.You also won’t run into logistical difficulties when running cmple loud speaker cable.It has a strong but flexible outer pvc jacket, built to fully protect the conductors even if it has to be twisted or bent while fitting it into tight spaces.The cable is cl2 rated, so it’s fire-resistant and can be run inside ceilings or walls according to building codes in almost all municipalities.If you want to run it along a baseboard or wall rather than behind them, the cable’s white jacket makes it nearly invisible.And the 250-foot length gives you plenty of cabling to work with for most applications.This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.100 feet, 250 feet 12 awg, 14 awg, 16 awg what you need to know about the cmple 14awg cl2 rated four-conductor loud speaker cable: conduit: copper-clad aluminum (cca) gauge: 14awg length: 250 feet (30.5 meters) strand size: 0.254mm strand count: 41 wires conductor count: 4 outer diameter: 8.0mm twist type: multi-twist, rope lay outer jacket color: white conveniently packaged in an easy-pull spool which won’t let the cable kink or knot, cmple’s 250-foot 14awg four-conductor loud speaker cable is the right choice for nearly any audio or home theater system, and it’s priced surprisingly low for cable of this quality.It may not be perfect for every use - but it’s perfect for most of them.
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