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Cmple - Hdmi With 3rca Jack Component Combo Wall Plate Gold Plated Hdmi 3rca Wall Plate Video Audio Outlet Panel, White

Cmple - Hdmi With 3rca Jack Component Combo Wall Plate Gold Plated Hdmi 3rca Wall Plate Video Audio Outlet Panel, White

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Hdmi wall plate with component video 3-rca there are several generally-accepted types of cables used to connect hdtvs (or older ones) to monitors and other components.The problem is that those connections can differ depending not only the age but also the type of components being connected.The most common cables used today for the purpose are modern hdmi connectors and the time-honored trio of component cables with three rca connectors for video and left/right stereo audio.Whichever type of cable you use, it makes a lot more sense to run it through the wall for permanent home theater installations rather than have a bunch of loose cable lying all over the place - that’s not only an eyesore, it’s also a tripping hazard.But what if you have two different video sources to connect to a single monitor, one with an hdmi output and one with component outputs? or two differently-outfitted monitors? or a need to run component output to a tv and then run an hdmi output somewhere else from the tv? or one of a million other scenarios which can arise when installing video and audio components in a home theater or living space? the way to solve that dilemma is with our cmple hdmi wall plate with component video rca plugs.This attractive single-gang, white wall plate is outfitted with both a female hdmi jack and three female rca jacks (color-coded green, blue and red) for component video connections; there are identical jacks on the back of the plate to connect easily to your in-wall cabling.All you have to do is install this baby into a standard junction box or plaster ring wherever your wiring will be terminated, and you’ve got all of the connectors to complete both hdmi and component video circuits in one place.You can transmit the video from your hdtv via both cables (for multiple connections at the other end or to have one as a backup), send video from one source by hdmi and separate video from another source using the rca component video connectors, bring video into your television from a dvd player with component cables and then send the tv’s signal out through hdmi - the possibilities are endless.The jacks are gold-plated to ensure against signal loss and noise, the wall plate is decora-style so you can change the cover to a different color or design, the hdmi connectors are 1.3 compatible (and backward-compatible as well), and it’s all manufactured with our trademark cmple quality.Looking at the specs of the cmple hdmi wall plate with component video 3-rca jacks: hdmi 1.3 compatible gold-plated hdmi and three color-coded (red, blue, green) rca female connectors single-gang wall plate fits into a standard single-gang junction box or p-ring attractive decora-style wall plate color: white a good-looking home theater installation should be neat, sleek and versatile.Allowing for easy connections to in-wall cabling, manufactured to look beautiful and modern, and permitting simultaneous connections to both hdmi and component video cables, our cmple single-gang wall plate with attached jacks checks off all of those boxes at an impressively-low price.
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