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3.5mm Aux Male To Male Stereo Audio Cable Auxiliary Headphones Cord Mp3 Pc - 25 Feet

3.5mm Aux Male To Male Stereo Audio Cable Auxiliary Headphones Cord Mp3 Pc - 25 Feet

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Stereo audio 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini plug patch cable, male to male - 25 feet if there’s one patch cable that every hobbyist - or anyone with audio equipment - used to have stacked up in drawers, boxes and cabinets, it was the male to male mini plug cable.It came in handy for just about any possible application, whether you were moving audio between cassette players and tape decks, sending signals from tuners to televisions, or even hooking up guitars to amplifiers.It was used as commonly in radio stations as it was in family rooms.You couldn’t do much of anything without a “male to male mini.” we’re in now in an era where the wonders of hdmi and dvi have opened our eyes to how much patch cables can do.Even so, there remain many reasons why you need a good old male to male mini in your cable arsenal.Any number of today’s components and devices still use these 1/8 inch connectors for audio input and output; ipods and mp3 players, cd players, computer sound cards, many small speakers, digital or analog tape decks, audio mixers, and all sorts of older devices all still have the small, familiar mini jack.And if you’re going to need one of these patch cables, now that high resolution audio is de rigueur, why settle for anything less than the highest quality cable you can find? that’s what you get with the cmple stereo audio 1/8 inch mini plug patch cable: the highest quality possible, but at a stunningly-low price - less than two dollars for a full 25-foot cable.Let’s take a look at the specifics which allow this stereo patch cable to deliver nearly-perfect audio reproduction over its entire length.The high end center conductor is 99.99% pure oxygen-free 26-gauge stranded copper wire, protected in a strong-as-nails black outer jacket with completely-molded construction.The connectors on both ends are gold-plated to prevent any corrosion from developing and to ensure noise-free connections.The cable was designed with one primary purpose: making sure that the audio signal originating at the source arrives, 25 feet later, without any noticeable signal loss, noise or interference (radio frequency or electromagnetic).And if you test the cmple cable against any competitor, you’ll notice the difference in the crystal-clear sound it delivers.This cable is available in several length as well.3 feet, 6 feet, 12 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet a more complete rundown of the specs for this cmple 25-foot stereo audio 1/8” mini plug male to male patch cable: male mini plug (1/8 inch, 3.5 mm) to male mini plug suitable for all general stereo audio applications fully-molded construction gold-plated connectors provide superior protection against corrosion 26awg stranded copper center conductor 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper wire 25 feet long even in the 2010s, there are a million-and-one uses for a “male to male mini” patch cable - especially a high-quality cable which is 25 feet long and can run between an audio output and an input just about anywhere in the immediate vicinity.And at our low cmple price, this one is a steal.
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